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Minimum Invasive Trauma Surgery

What is Minimum Invasive Trauma Surgery?

Surgery that is done using small incisions (cuts) and few stitches. During minimally invasive surgery, one or more small incisions may be made in the body.

Trauma occurs when an occasion, arrangement of events, or situation that is experienced by person as mentally or emotionally harmful or threatening and that can have lasting adverse effects on the person’s working and physical, social, enthusiastic prosperity.

Trauma (Fracture) is most common and basic orthopaedic problem. Usually associated with vehicular accidents, but can also occur with domestic fall or simple fall from height.

Trauma Surgery Types

Why Trauma surgery ?

  • An Accident
  • An Act of Violence
  • A Natural Disaster
  • A loved one’s passing
  • Feeling Suicidal
  • Anger, Irritability, Mood Swings
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Aches and Pains

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Digital x-rays are often suitable for diagnosis, but in some circumstances, a CT or MRI scan may alsoo be required to determine the fracture’s shape.

Most importantly NOT all the fractures require surgery. But after consulting an orthopedic surgeon which ever fracture needs surgery, there are multiple options available for reconstruction like;

1. Plate and screws (Locking, Non-locking)

2. Intramedullary nail(Rods)

3. K-wires

Selection of implant is done depending on the fracture and patients requirements post-surgery.
The fracture implants come in titanium and stainless steel varieties. we often favour high grade titanium implants, Because they are more MRI compatible and biocompatible.

To allow for early, anatomical healing and to avoid any deformity or difficulties in the future, all fracture surgeries require accuracy.

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