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Total Joint Replacement


  • Krunal specializes in knee replacement surgery and received training at Sunshine Hospital, Hyderabad under Dr. Guarava Reddy through the Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons.
  • At Star Orthopedic Hospital, we offer optimal outcomes for knee replacement using the subvastus approach in suitable patients, leading to fast recovery without the need for physiotherapy.
  • To prevent infections, we utilize special antibiotic-coated cement, maintain utmost cleanliness in the operation theatre, and ensure proper sterility maintenance to minimize the risk of infections.
  • For patients with metal allergies, we provide special gold-coated or zirconium implants to ensure a trouble-free post-operative period.
  • We offer in-hospital physiotherapy and guidance to ensure a perfect outcome in total knee replacement procedures.
  • We provide jhonson and jhonson/meril(maxx)/stryker/smith &nephew/Buechel pappas imported and indian implants for longetivity and perfect outcome.


  • Dr. Krunal Patel is highly skilled in performing total hip replacements using the posterior standard approach, benefiting cases with AVN hip joint, arthritis of the hip, and hip fractures

Total Joint Replacement